Tents and Infrastructure are the fundamentals of your event.
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Event Infrastructure, Build, and Design; These elements are comprised of any facilities and services that are required as part of your event. Before you make any final decisions, look carefully at what building blocks you will require and what is already in place. Think of things like Tents & Capacities, Tables, Chairs, Electricity, Car Parking, Changing and Toilet facilities, Waste Management, Catering, and more.

Pinnacle Event Rentals provides tents, tables, chairs, generators, portable toilets, linens and catering supplies, decor, experience, and complimentary event consultation in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.


Choosing a tent for your event:

Wherever your event falls on the spectrum between formal and casual, a tent can lend a special air of festivity that is unique for Weddings, Fairs, and more. If you’re considering a tent for your next function, the following tips will help you decide what sort of tent is the right fit for you.

Keep in mind the size of your site – Think of the size of your location, the amount of guests and amenities you will require.

Consider the surface of your site – Soil and grass is best for staking which is the safest way to secure a tent. It is your responsibility to connect with ‘callbeforeyoudig’ for safety.

Tent prices include set up and tear down. Listed rates do not include applicable taxes or delivery fees.

All tents include removable side walls and require a clearance of 5 feet on all sides to allow for rope pegs.

Rain or shine, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the right tents set up.
Don’t let the weather dampen your party plans.

All prices shown are valid until December 31st, 2021.
Rental items may not be exactly as pictured.

Delivery Fees

Delivery charges are not included in the prices shown.

A delivery charge of
$2.50/km from Brandon, Manitoba is applicable.

Quoted prices are subject to change without notice.

Tent capacities are estimated and a Pinnacle Representative should be consulted to ensure tent size will meet your individual needs.

An additional surface fee may be applicable for set ups on pavement or gravel.

Set-Up + Tear Down


Tent set-ups happen Wednesday through Friday. Tents are guaranteed to be set up by 5pm the day before your event (and guaranteed to stay until 12pm the day after your event). We will determine a set-up date 2 weeks prior to your event so we can schedule properly. If you are wanting a specific set-up date, an additional 10% fee on the subtotal will be charged.

Our crew arrives at the designated time and location. Upon arriving, someone must be on-site** to meet our team and provide all information necessary to identify where the tent will be set up and where the entrance(s) will be located.

Prior to our crew’s arrival, it is your responsibility to connect with the utility companies to identify and mark if there are any underground lines we need to be aware of (Please see section below on ‘Call Before You Dig’) – Our team will then build the tent, put up side walls, pack up and head out.

**If there is no one on-site upon arrival of our crew, the tent will not be set-up.

Tear Down

Tent tear downs are scheduled between Sunday through Tuesday. This will also be discussed 2 weeks prior to your event. An event representative is not needed on the day of tear down, as long as our team has access to the property. We will show up and tear down like we were never there.

Electricity + Utilities

For all tent rentals, the renter is required to contact and arrange underground line locate by all utility companies (electricity, hydro, telephone companies).

Regardless of the previous locates, lines must be identified no more than 3 weeks prior to the event as line locates expire after 3 weeks. Inspections MUST be done. If locates are not completed, set-up will not begin.


It is MANDATORY for an inspection to be done. If the inspection has not been finished and locates have not been completed, our team will not set up.