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Looking for elegant and versatile clearspan tent rentals in Manitoba and its surrounding areas?

Our Structure Tents are the ultimate choice for any outdoor event, combining sleek design with functionality. These tents feature a clearspan design, free from center poles, offering unobstructed space for your gatherings. Structure tents are able to be ballasted with concrete blocks. Making set up on ground that we are unable to stake into easy.

Ideal for weddings, festivals, or corporate events, our Structure Tent rentals bring an elevated level of sophistication and flexibility.

Our professional team ensures a smooth setup and takedown process, leaving you to create lasting memories without any hassle.

Request a Quote today to secure your Structure Tent rental and transform your event into an extraordinary experience.

Our Structure Tents offer a large variety of tent sizes in our 40′ Wide and 50′ Wide Collections.

We know that picking a tent size can be difficult, so we’re here to help.

View capacities, sizes and pricing below.

Pinnacle Event Rentals offers Full Event Set-Up (for additional cost) including the rental and set-up of the following items:

  • *Tent Walls
  • Ceiling Drape
  • Arches + Backdrops
  • Tent Flooring
  • Dance Floor
  • Tables + Chairs
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Bars + Bar Stools
  • Lighting
  • Linens + Dinnerware
  • Décor + More

*By default, tents do not come with sidewalls and they are not included in the price. Please let our team know if you would like to have walls on your tent during the booking process.

Tent prices include set up and tear down (of the tent itself). The rates listed do not include applicable taxes, delivery fees or other service set-up fees. Structure Tents are secured to the ground directly at the legs, So required size for a tent is the size of the tent.

Setups are scheduled during the week as our office is closed Saturday and Sunday. If you require weekend set-up/tear down, this is available for an additional fee.

Soil and grass are best for staking which is the safest way to secure a tent. With Structure tents we are able to concrete Ballast to secure. Additional cost depend non size. To provide you with an accurate quote as well as set up date, time, and duration, we must know the Surface Type where the Tent will be set up, at time of booking.

We also offer tent staking on pavement and gravel.

Click Before You Dig

Utility Line Locates are MANDATORY

Utility Line Locates are MANDATORY for all tent set-ups.
There are NO exceptions when it comes to safety.

The digging community has an obligation to undertake ground disturbances in a prudent manner and to safeguard the health and safety of workers and the public.

For more information on Utility Line Locates, visit

Available Sizes + Pricing

Capacity Tent Size Price + Info
40 x 105
40 x 90
40 x 75
40 x 60
40 x 45
40 x 30

For sizes larger than listed, Please contact. Available in 40′ and 50′ Wide.