What Services Does Pinnacle Offer?

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April 21st, 2021

What services does Pinnacle Offer, you ask?

From event set-up rentals to event decor rentals, Pinnacle has got you covered.

But what about our services? Do we set up? Do we tear down? Do we deliver?
Pinnacle Event Rentals offers the following services to help make your event (no matter what type) as stress-free as possible.

What services does Pinnacle offer?

🚐 Delivery service

We offer a delivery service where we bring all of the rentals you have booked with us right to you. We coordinate a time and place to drop your rental items off so you can get started on setting up your event!

📦 Customer Pick Up

With this option, we have your items packed up at our office and ready for pick up. You can rent anything from 1 votive to 200 chairs to 16 centerpieces! There is no limit when it comes to customer pick up. This is a feasible option when you have hands to spare when setting up your event!

📎 How-To Pamphlets

For services we do not set up, we send a How-To pamphlet that will direct you to ensure everything goes smooth when you are setting up pieces like a head table backdrop or ceiling drape!

🎉 Full Set Up Service

We set up all rentals so you don’t have to worry about anything! This option takes a lot of stress off the host of the event. We have some rental items where set up is included in the price, such as event tents, dance floor, washroom trailers, and staging. We will ensure to have your rental items set up on time and ready to go for your event!

Now you know what services Pinnacle offers, interested in working with us?

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We have a wide assortment of different rentals available, from Event Tents, Event Furniture, Luxury Washrooms, and more.

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What services does pinnacle offer?

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